'WE ARE NOT MACHINES' is Teodora’s graduate collection, presented at the Middlesex University press show at the Barbican Conservatory in June 2018.
In addition, it was showcased at the opening of ss2019 Riga Fashion Week and at aw2018/19 Fashion Weekend Skopje.

The collection is inspired by Textile factory workers and addresses the issues of exploitation of cheap workforce in third world countries.

The make of the garments is to women’s sizing, but the collection is genderless. It plays on the juxtaposition of functionality and restriction featuring workwear inspired garments, practical for use when sewing, mixed with restrictive machine-inspired hardware. In doing so, the collection questions where does one’s body start becoming a machine, both from a physical as well as ethical aspect.

The multifunctionality of the garments enables for endless adaptations from basics to over-the-top show pieces and tackles the issue of over-consumption and fast production by offering two-in-one pieces.

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