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mind your mind, 2022

‘Mind your Mind’ is a collection that reflects on Teodora’s personal lockdown experience. After almost two years of cancelled runways and showrooms, cancelled birthdays and club nights, it felt

like nothing really matters anymore, so the usual inspiration that Teodora takes from commenting on socio-political issues felt irrelevant. It seemed that the only appropriate thing to do is to self-reflect and strip the concept o of any high-brow ideas - just focus on something very simple, very current and very relatable.
The collection looks at the duality between enjoying the comfort of your own home, but feeling 
trapped and alone in isolation. It also looks at the 'self-care' culture, that gained popularity in lockdown, from a critical point of view, acknowledging that while some of us had the privilege to experience the pandemic as a time for self-reflection, self-growth, self-investment time, the world has

been falling apart.

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